Leave Rules 1981 for Govt. Employees

Types of Leaves

Leave rules 1981 are still applicable and there are amendments and explanations time to time. Leave rules for all the civil Govt. Employees of Federal as well as Provincial Govt. Employees has been fully described here. The detail of Leaves on full pay, leave on half pay, medical leave, special leave for female staff, maternity leave, disability leave, and leave without pay is as under:

How is Leave earned?

A Govt. servant earns leave as and when he is in service except on earned leave. When an employee is on earned leave, there will be no count of leave in his credit of the period he/she is on earned leave.

A period spent by a Govt. servant in Foreign Service will qualifies him to earn leave but the condition is that he/she must be paid by the Govt.

  • A Govt. employee of Non-Vacation department (or an employee who has not vacations round a year e.g. summer holidays, winter holidays etc.) will earn 4 leaves on full pay in a full calendar month. Duty period less than 15 days in a month will not be credited in to the leave credit of an employee. If the duty period is more than 15 days, it will be credited into his/her leave credit.
  • A Govt. employee of Vacation department will earn only one leave per month and the vacation period will not be considered as part of his leave credit.

How Much Leaves on full pay can be availed?

The leaves on full pay can be availed at one time at the following conditions:

  1. 120 days leave without medical certificate
  2. 180 days leave with medical certificate
  3. 365 days leave in full service on medical grounds

Note: All these leaves will be deducted from the leave credit of the employee.

1. Leave on Half Pay

If an employee needs more leaves than leaves in his credit, then there is option for an employee to convert some of his leaves on full pay into leaves on half pay or entire full pay leaves into half pay leave. The example of this condition is that suppose an employee needs 50 days leave and he/she has only 25 leaves on full pay in his leave credit, then he can convert 25 days full pay leave into 50 days leave on half pay.

2. Leave without Pay or Extra Ordinary Leave

An employee can avail leave without pay for a maximum period of 5 years at a time on any reason but the condition is that the civil servant must have rendered a minimum continuous service of 10 years.

If the civil servant has not completed continuous 10 years’ service then the employee can avail 2 years leave without pay at the discretion of the head of the department. A civil servant can avail 5 years leave without pay more than once after a spell of 10 years each time.

3. Special Leave for Female Civil Servant

A female civil servant is entitled to avail 135 days leave on her husband’s death. Such leave will not be debited from her leave credit. In this condition the female servant will provide death certificate of her husband and the leave will start from the date of death of her husband.

4. Maternity Leave

A female civil servant can avail leave on full pay for maximum 90 days without any limit, if she is the employee of vacation department and the leaves will not be debited from her leave account credit.

If the maternity leave is required for such employee more than 3 times then the leaves will be debited from her leave account credit. After the birth of baby, the female civil servant will avail only 45 days maternity leave not more but the total period of leave before and after the birth of the baby is 90 days.

A non-vacation department female civil servant or female employee who is not entitled vacations (summer, winter vacations etc.) can avail maternity leave without any restriction and the leaves will be debited from her leave account credit.

5. Disability Leave for Civil Servant

An employee disabled by injury, ailment or disease can get leave on disability grounds for a maximum period of 720 days. The condition is that this disability be a hindrance to serve his/her duty. Such an employee will get full pay for 180 days and half pay for the remaining period.

6. Study Leave

Study leave is granted for a maximum 2 years on half pay in the entire service to the civil Govt. servant who has 5 years’ service. This leave is granted to study scientific technical problems. Leave without pay can be combined with study leave but the condition of 2 years will not now apply in this case.

7. Ex-Pakistan Leave

This leave is granted on full pay to the civil servant who applies for proceeding abroad during leave or at the time of posted abroad. Such an employee will be paid for the actual period that he spends abroad for a maximum period of 120 days. Ex-Pakistan leave can be granted on full pay, half pay or without pay whichever is applicable.


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