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Instructional Strategies for Teachers

Teaching Strategies for Teachers

Instructional Strategies for Teachers

Instructional Strategy (IS) defined

An instructional strategy is a method you would use in your teaching (in the classroom, online, or in some other medium) to help activate students’ curiosity about a class topic, to engage the students in learning, to probe critical thinking skills, to keep them on task, to engender sustained and useful classroom interaction, and, in general, to enable and enhance their learning of course content. 

The goal of an Instructional Strategy is to enable learning, to motivate the learners, to engage them in learning, to help them focus. There is NO one best strategy; we can select from several instructional strategies for just about any teaching episode. It is important to vary your instruction to not only keep the students’ interest but also to allow them to interact with your content in a variety of ways.

There is a variety of teaching strategies that instructors can use to improve student learning. The instructional strategies below will show you some ways to make your classes more engaging.


Simulation & Simulated Teaching

Integrating Technology in Classroom

Advantages of Instructional Simulation

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