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Principles of School Management

Effective School Management

Principles of School Management

School Management

School Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an educational institution with the purpose of accomplishing the educational goals.

It can also be defined as the system of rules, punishments and behavioral strategies appropriate to the regulation of students and the maintenance of order in schools.

Its main aim is to create a safe and conducive learning environment in the school.

Principles of School Management

Management of school is a goal oriented  activity. It involves  group efforts and an organized work and performance  towards the attainment of certain predetermined goals in an educational institution. With active coordinated effort managers can achieve the goals of the organization, by efficiently utilizing the material and human  resources in the  educational environment. This requires some fundamental principles to be followed. some of them are as follows.

a. Principle of well defined goals

The first and foremost principle of effective management in school is identifying and defining goals of educational institution. These goals provides a clear direction to school managers that what and how the school activities be organized. Without certain set objectives, the school management will only be in chaos.

b. Principle of conducive learning

The main aim of school management is to provide conducive learning environment to the students. The management of educational institution must focus on the activities that may lead to create healthy learning activities in school.

c. Principle of sharing responsibility

Another important principle in school management is that everybody who is more or less involved in the educational process should take the responsibility to share in the work. A manager can only be successful with a responsible and vigilant subordinates/team.

d. Principle of equality

As equality is the basic hallmark of successful institutional management. It should be treated and accepted in true spirit. So all the personnel who are involved in the school activities should get equal facilities, rights and opportunities in doing their duty.

e. Principle of cooperation

In order to make management of any educational program a successful one, a greater cooperation should be ensured among different persons involved in the field of educational management.

f. Principle of creativity

Creativity and innovation is one such thing in the field of school management that ensures success and progress of the institution. The management must make its utmost effort to make the teaching learning process in the school more creative and innovative.

g. Principle of rule of law

The management of educational institute must ensure rule of law in the institution. All workforce in the school should follow rules and regulations in true letter and spirit. Double standard of behavior to the workforce may leave them agitated and demotivated.

h. Principle of community involvement

Last but not the least is the principle of community involvement in school activities. The school management must work to involve the community in decision making, planning, motivating and other such functions.


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